Munchiz – Cooking with Cannabis is no longer a dirty word.

Munchiz is intended for food lovers with cannabis in particular and for those who love good food wherever they may be. Here you will find recipes for making Cannabis dishes of various kinds, and general information about green cooking (cooking with cannabis) and the world of content surrounding it – all you need to open up the munchies.

Cannabis must not be brownies cannabis or chocolate chip cookies and cannabis. Cooking with Cannabis is a very wide branch with the potential to cover almost all corners of the food world, except for cooking at high temperatures. Thats why we came up with munchiz.

The website is designed to teach you how to prepare a base of cannabis butter, cannabis oil base, Cannabis milk base and other fatty essentials for preparing high-quality foods. From there, teach you the tools you need to prepare interesting recipes for cooking in a pot, Put your hands on it.

Ready? bon appétit, Munchiz !